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If the behavior remains the same, you must find a way to have the phone repaired or replaced. When on a phone call it will continuously switch from speaker to regular or it will drop the call. Will keep saying irregular charging and battery will show charging symbol to none at all, so therefore phone will die. Phone will be powered off and when turned on will have less battery than when turned off.

Erases everything I text when glitches. Solution: Hi Tula. The symptoms you mention here though appears to have no pattern at all.

How the Galaxy Note 5 Spy Software Works?

If factory resets did not improve the situation at all, you can scratch the possibility that software is to blame. I am unable to locate any link to reinstall the app, and I thought I could settle with getting apps simply from the Store site. Can you help? Solution: Hi Ikudama.

The closest to app uninstallation suggestion made was to clear the app data, which is basically a virtual equivalent of uninstallation. Solution : Hi Kiima. All these three issues may be due to one cause, which may be a malware infection or bad app. Boot your phone in safe mode.

Virus or malicious software infection in an Android device is almost always caused by a bad app first. Wipe the cache partition.

Mobile spy galaxy note 5

This will force the phone to build a new system cache. To wipe the cache partition, follow these steps:. Install an antivirus app. There are many free effective antivirus app in the Google Play Store so installing one of them may help.

If you plan try more than two antivirus products, make sure that you uninstall the first one first before installing the second one. Having multiple antivirus running on one system will not only be taxing for the system, but can even create a conflict that results to more complications. Also, keep in mind that more recent viruses or malware may be able to dodge attempts by antivirus apps to identify them. If popups remain even after trying multiple antivirus apps, proceed to the next step. Wipe the phone clean via factory reset.

Restoring all software settings to their known working state via factory reset is the most effective way to get rid of a virus or malware from an Android device. Refer to the steps above on how to do it.

Spyware Removal for Android: How to Remove Spyware from your Android

Make sure that you observe how the phone behaves after a factory reset. Prevent virus or malware from being installed again. What many Android users do after a factory reset is to re-install the same set of apps. In majority of cases though, users fail to check if apps come from reputable sources. This makes.

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Factory reset useless. Never install apps outside of Google Play Store. This means that if they encounter problems after installing apps outside of the Play Store, they should be able to handle the situation themselves. Some apps from the Play Store are not all good too. If you never installed an app outside of Play Store but still encountered the problems you mention here, you must also be wary when reinstalling apps after a factory reset. I have read the article you wrote about that problem and I tried everything in it but nothing worked. Monitor all events via our intuitive online control panel.

Easy access whenever, wherever. Invisible App. You can make the app invisible, unlike most of our competitors. Just be aware of local regulations. View SMS History. Read all text SMS and iMessage messages sent and received on the target mobile phone. Name and number will be listed. Keylogger, Screenshot, Password Crack. Read everything that is typed. Make screenshots. Have a direct access.

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Live viewing. GPS Phone Location. Choose the interval. View Facebook messages.

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Monitor all incoming and outgoing Facebook chats and Messenger. Full Facebook Name is monitored. Browsing History. View all visited sites. See page URL and Title. Easy search thanks to keywords. View the calendar. View all taken photos and videos taken by the phone or any other source.

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